Whether you like modern designer sun glasses or high performance goggles, you’re in luck! We carry a large selection of your favorites. We have popular styles by Maui Jim, which are perfect for the beach. Our Rec Specs are durable and sporty, great for biking, driving or boating. Reptile polarized sunglasses are both contemporary and classic, and perfect for a wide variety of face shapes. Rudy Project wrap around sunglasses are high style, high performance, and great for outdoor sports. Tag Heuer sunwear provides premium quality and exclusive design with a designer touch. Wiley X offers eyewear for extreme sports; lenses for sun, wind and debris protection; virtually indestructible frames and loads of style!

We have dainty frames for smaller faces, chunky frames for larger faces, and an extensive selection for everything in between. If you’re looking for women’s sunglasses or men’s styles, you’ll find them here. If you need everyday sun protection, or unique eyewear for special uses, we have them. Whatever you call them: glasses, specs, goggles, shades, sunglasses, sun glasses, you’ll find them here. Not only are they stylish, but they’re functional as well. Depending on your selection, lenses offer 100% UV protection, and are shatterproof, polarized and/or smoked. Some sunglasses have high-tech venting systems to keep your vision clear and free of fog. Still others have interchangeable lenses so you can wear them in the dark as well as in bright sunlight.

These sunglasses are as comfortable as they are stylish. From wraparound style to mirrored lenses to aviator glasses, you’ll find something you like here.

No one carries more band name sunglasses than Europtics and eOptics.

Contact us today and let us help you find that perfect pair or two for you!

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