Prescription Sunglasses


Select classic frames from Maui Jim, modern sunglasses from Reptile, rugged sun protection from Rudy Project or premium shades from Tag Heuer. You will find authentic prescription sunglasses in face-flattering styles perfect for the beach, for driving, for extreme sports and for times when athletic performance is key. You will even find prescription goggles in attractive styles. In fact, we can make just about any of the thousands of frames we sell prescription sunglasses just for you.

Polarized lenses are treated to reduce glare and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. They’re made with optical-grade materials to deliver clear, undistorted vision in the brightest sunlight.

Durable frames are available in high-impact plastics and titanium alloys. Some are large and chunky, others are light and streamlined. Many are available with memory metals, adjustable temples and flexible nosepieces for a custom fit. If you play competitive sports, and precision is important, you can find rugged frames with anti-scratch, impact resistant, unbreakable lenses that will stand up to the toughest challenge. Enhance your performance with optimal vision.

Some styles feature unique components such as flip-up lenses, interchangeable lenses, ventilation systems and aerodynamic styling. Choose from brightly colored frames paired with mirrored, smoked and polarized frames for high performance and high style. Rugged, chunky frames are made with the latest in optical-quality materials for lightweight, comfortable fashion. You can even find prescription sunglasses with darkened lenses that offer protection from the sun, and that same pair with clear lenses, so when you find a style you like, you can wear them indoors as well as outdoors.

No one carries more band name sunglasses than Europtics and eOptics.

Contact us today and let us help you find that perfect pair or two for you!



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