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About eOptics

Europtics is a family owned chain of optical stores, based in Colorado, and has been in business for over 30 years. We have received many requests, over the years, from customers around the country looking for the unique eyewear we are famous for carrying. eOptics.com was conceived as a website to provide some insight into the brands and models Europtics carries in our brick and mortar stores; both in Denver and in Colorado Springs. Europtics sells many eyeglass and sunglass brands you may be very familiar with; such as Prada, Chanel, Oakley and Maui Jim. We also carry a world of finely crafted eyewear whose names you may not be familiar with, unless you are in the industry; for instance Oliver Peoples, Barton Perreira, Salt, Mykita, Zero G, Anne et Valentin, Theo and many more. In fact, no matter what brand or model you are searching for, we can likely find it for you.

Not only do we sell the finest frames in the US; we take pride in the array of lens choices we are able to provide, as well. From the simplest single vision lenses to the newest forms of personalized FreeForm (or HD) progressive lenses; all with lens coatings that will help you not only see better, but look great doing so, we have what you are looking for. Ask us about the best options for your prescription, in your choice of frames, and we will be happy to offer our professional recommendations; something most online stores are not able to offer.

We are constantly replacing old, tired looking brands and models with exciting new lines from around the world. Our goal is not to see thousands of people with the same look, but give each of our customers the look and vision that is uniquely theirs. Call us toll free at 888-322-4521 or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours to find that ideal pair (or pairs) of eyeglasses or sunglasses that fit you perfectly.


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